Klasser sommer 2019




We dig that hot flow!
This class is for those who have practiced some yoga before, know some of the basic principles of yoga or want to try out a yoga form that is somewhat physically engaging.
There is often a lot of load on arms and shoulders in most dynamic yoga methods and we therefore focus a lot on good technique. If you have injuries or problems with your shoulders, arms, hands and wrists, please mention it to the teacher or you can choose a more gentle yoga form.
Duration: 75 MIN


- a soft start of your day

Start your day with a sweet Morning Flow!
You are welcome to join us for a soft dynamic yoga that is suitable for all levels. The class is a 60 minute yoga practice that will give your whole body a good start of the day, and we'll finish with a nourishing guided relaxation.
Duration: 60 MIN


- “Practice and all is coming”

This class is for those who have practiced some yoga before, know some of the principles of yoga or want to try out a yoga method that is physically engaging.
Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is one of the oldest traditions and has inspired a vast majority of other modern yoga today. We follow a certain sequence of different asanas of the Primary Series that will contribute to increase vitality, strength and flexibility of both body and mind.
Duration: 90 MIN



- The power of rest

We love yin!
This is a very quiet and soft yoga method that can be effective against stress and deeper tensions. Yin yoga is a soft therapeutic yoga where most positions are made lying or sitting on the yoga mat while working with deep muscles, connective tissue such as tendons and ligaments.
This is an passive way of working. It means that you do not use muscle power, but it's breath that helps the body to release tension and activate the parasympathetic nervous system. We stay a little longer in each postures than in other yoga methods, about three to five minutes. In yin yoga, we are happy to use pillows and other props to support the body and ease into a deep relaxation.

Duration: 75 MIN


TrevareYoga / sommer 2019

TrevareYoga / Morning Flow / 60 MIN
Start dagen med herlig yoga flow!
Bli med på varm dynamisk yogatime tilpasset alle aldre og nivåer. Timen er ment å gi kroppen en kickstart på dagen, og timen avsluttes med en avspenningsession.

TrevareYoga / Deep Flow / 60 MIN
Dette er timen for deg som ønsker tøying av såre muskler etter en lang dag ute i naturen, på jobb eller bare vil ha litt ekstra velvære midtukes. Timen tar sikte på å tøye hele kroppen dypt, fra topp til tå.